Saturday, December 1, 2007

All-Star Game: Vote for the Kings!

I just realized that I haven't written a post reminding readers to vote for the Kings for the All-Star Game!

If you were like me and couldn't find the voting link on the front page of, then look no further because you can click here to be directed to the 2008 NHL All-Star voting page.

Four Kings are on the All-Star Ballot and I will give my reasons for why they should be named to the All-Star team.

Michael Cammalleri
This guy is a King because of the arbitrator who decided he was only worth $3.1 million this season and $3.6 million next season. Had the arbitrator awarded Cammy a $5 million or more salary would DL have signed him?? Who knows, but I don't think he would have. Instead of having a hissy fit, Cammy has stepped it up this season and is showing fans and critics that his career best season in '06-'07 may not have been a fluke. During October he was leading the NHL in goals; Cammy had 10 goals in 10 games. While his goal production has dropped as of late he has continued to be a huge presence and has seen a lot of ice time on the power play. In fact according to Ross McKeon's Yahoo! article dated Nov 3rd,'s the Kings' forward who has the best shooting percentage (19 percent) and he's the only one averaging fewer than 20 minutes of ice time per game. Cammalleri, in fact, sees approximately 18:30 of ice time.

The article continues the praise by noting that Cammy is not used on the PK so has to sit for good chunks of time when the team takes a lot of penalties. This 25 year old deserves a spot on the All-Star team because he is proving that he can lead a team on and off the ice.

Anze Kopitar
For a while I thought Kopi was in the midst of a sophomore slump, then I checked his stats and realized he's doing fine. With Fro and Cammy out of the lineup with groin injuries, Kopi has taken the lead in team scoring with 21 points (10G, 11A) in 24 games. Last season he had 61 points (20 G, 41 A) in 72 games and he's on par to tally just a bit more this season. I've noticed that he's been shooting the puck more this season so I wouldn't be surprised if he breaks the 30 goal mark. Kopi continues to impress me with his dazzling skills and charming, boyish personality; even though he plays with fierce determination he never fails to break out a huge smile after a goal. He's very strong on the puck, sees the ice well, and is definitely a part of the Kings long-term plan.

Rob Blake
Hmmm....well, the old man can still play. I was a bit disappointed with his play last season but I think he's picked it up a bit this season. This season he doesn't sit in front of the opposition's goalie as much as he did last season and I think he's playing smarter. He's an astonishing -12 so far this season, which I guess doesn't help my cause to get him on the team. Dude, it's Rob Blake, enough said.

Lubomir Visnovsky
Lubo's scoring has dropped from last season but that doesn't mean he's not an effective defenseman. He's incredibly smart and has a lot of skill which is evident when he skates from end to end to lead the offensive push. Lubo is one of my favorite players on this team and I don't think he gets the recognition that he deserves. He may be only 5'-8" 188 lbs. but he plays much bigger. He never shies away from taking or receiving a hit and has a great presence on the blueline.

Worth a mention:

Jack Johnson
I think Jack Johnson deserves a mention in the All-Star discussion. If you want to vote for him you'll need to write him in. He hasn't blown into this league with hard hits or fights, but rather with smart defensive plays. I'm always amazed with how he passes (no hospital passes from this kid) and plays the man. It's his rookie season so there will be plenty of seasons for him to make the All-Star team and I'm sure he'll be on the srtarting All-Star ballot sometime in the near future.

Alexander Frolov
I'm bummed that Fro is out again with a groin injury because he was really on a roll. He currently has 20 points (4G, 16 A) in 21 games and deserves an All-Star nod for his continuing stellar play. Like Lubo, I don't think Fro gets enough recognition. He has great hands and has absolutely schooled some opposing players and made his teammates look like kings (hahah, see what I did there? I'm so clever, sometimes it's unbelievable how awesome I am). Vote for Fro!! If he's not on the All-Star ballot the next couple of seasons I may need to start a campaign.

That's it boys and girls. Don't forget to Vote!


Kirsten said...

You couldn't figure out how to get to the ballot either? I finally ended up adding a link on my sidebar because it's so damn hard to find for me.

I voted for your boy Blake.

KMS2 said...

I finally had to go to the Kings website to find the link to the ballot. Not quite sure why wouldn't have it on the front page...

Thanks for the vote...although Blake is the one King I have not voted for...oops.