Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kings Get Blown Away in Chicago

Ugh. Another loss. I thought the final score would have been closer, but nonetheless I predicted we would lose tonight so I'm not terribly upset. I missed most of the game. I got home and a couple minutes after I turned on the TV, Kopi scored on a beautiful slap shot. He really is becoming a goal scorer. I thought Kopi was going to either fan on the shot or shoot it wide but instead he placed that sucker perfectly on net and cleanly beat Kafionkaler-bulin. I thought we had a shot in tying up the game but after I stopped replaying Kopi's goal and finally got back to live TV, Chicago scored and completely pissed all over my parade! How dare they!

Well...things never got back on track for the Kings so I'm relegated to basing this game analysis on the box score. I'm very pleased to see that Handzus got a goal!! A shorthanded goal!! And he also got an assist. My Patty O'Sullivan got himself another goal and Kyle Calder notched two assists and was +3 for the game...dude, we let in 6 goals and he came out a +3? Nice.

When I looked at the penalty log I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Brad Stuart racked up 29 PIM. Apparently, Brad "Frosty" Stuart instigated a fight (when was the last time he was in a fight let alone instigated one?) and received the following penalties:

  • 2 min instigator
  • 2 min instigator - face shield
  • 5 min fighting
  • 10 min misconduct
  • 10 min game misconduct

Damn....way to go Stuart. I wonder what caused that scrum. I'm guessing it may have something to do with Ruutu receiving a charging penalty. Tomorrow I'll have to check out to see how the fight turned out.

Well...tomorrow's a new day and tomorrow we face Dallas. Since J. Quick started tonight I'm betting that Aubin will face Dallas since I doubt Barbs will be able to play. (Ed. note: Thanks to ckim for noticing my mistake. I completely overlooked the goalie stats because I had assumed that Quick would have started the game. Apparently Aubin had a shitty game and was pulled. Well, I still think he'll start tomorrow...but do I want him to?) I think Fro made the road trip and was a game time decision so maybe he'll play tomorrow. Brown finally had his 9-game points streak end tonight, but keep an eye out on Kopi! He's on an 8-game points streak!



CKim said...

I think the 2 minutes for the face shield is one of the shittest rules by the league. You're gonna penalize a guy for getting into a scrap and forgetting to remove his helmet? I'm sorry, I think flying fists are more important in how ever long the fight lasts than a fucking face shield.

And Quick did NOT start. Aubin let in 3 goals in the first 14 minutes of the first and got his ass PULLED. Unfortunately Quick got the loss in the end. AUBIN = SUCKS (what the hell, wasn't he supposed to be decent?)

KMS2 said...

Quick did NOT start.

Oh shit, I didn't even look at the goalie stats because I figured Quick would start against Chicago and Aubin would start against Dallas. Thanks for the correction. Yikes...well, maybe he just had an off night. Yesterday I was way off at I couldn't tell North from South and East from West...I had to redo a design about three times because I kept getting the direction of travel wrong!! You should have the seen the look on my boss's face.

I'll give Aubin the benefit of the doubt because it's the holiday season and I'm in a giving mood.

CKim said...

I think it's about that time for the holiday break to come around. haha.

I'm not giving Aubin the benefit of the doubt. Not yet anyway, he makes me nervous and I just can't trust him yet. Is he gonna be put in with the long list of Kings' crap-tastic goaltending?

For some reason my comments here seem like I'm really annoyed and pissed. I mean, I'm a little (at Aubin), but I'm not screaming my head off. Although we'll see what Saturday brings.

Steph said...


(Also, whoever told you guys Aubin was supposed to be decent was obviously NOT watching any Leafs hockey last season.)

KMS2 said...

Steph: Now I don't like them since they're actually a decent team.

I had never even heard of Aubin before we got him. I was always under the impression that he was going straight to Manchester, but I guess since Bernier didn't pan out and Cloutier obviously wasn't ready, we were stuck with him.